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Roulette - the very word speaks of excitement, romance and history.

Fortunes won and fortunes lost; the jet set and the aristocracy, glittering outfits and expensive cigars, the exciting world of high class gambling.

The origins of roulette are lost in ancient history; some think it was brought to Europe from China; others speak of the ancient Romans turning their chariots on their sides, spinning the wheels in a crude game of chance. French mathematician Blaise Pascal, the inventor of the mathematics of probability and chance, was said to have invented the current version of the wheel while experimenting with the theory of perpetual motion.18th century beaus, with powdered wigs and haggard expressions, wagered their entire fortunes on the game of Roly Poly, which was soon outlawed. This was soon replaced by the game of EO (Even-Odd), which was likewise made illegal. By 1796, the modern roulette wheel made its appearance in Paris casinos, and soon found its way to New Orleans in America. In the 19th century, brothers Francois and Louis Blanc made popular a new version of roulette, leaving out the double zero, which swung the odds in favour of the gambler. This version is now known as the French Wheel, while the older type survived in the States and is known as the American Wheel. Louis Blanc and his French Wheel found their way to Monaco, where he founded the legendary casino at Monte Carlo.

Once the prerogative of the rich and famous, the excitement of roulette is now within easy reach of everyone. Play online roulette game, and you too can experience the excitement of the rotating wheel and spinning ball which has kept gamblers spellbound for centuries. Click your mouse button on the wheel, and you will experience the thrill as the wheel spins then slows down.... the ball loses momentum.......tracks off towards your color - slows, bounces, skips........will it or won't it - looks like its settling on a loser - then another hop and- and..... yes, you've done it! Another win!

Gamble for free or gamble for real; roulette has its fascination for all. Play online roulette game, and find out why the ancient rite of the spinning wheel still retains its youth and vigor in a timeless embodiment of the gambler's dream.

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Roulette stands for romance, excitement, flirting with chance, the lure of the big win. For nearly three centuries, stories have abounded of stunning wins, clients who have broken the bank, gamblers who have become rich beyond their dreams. While many of these are exaggerated, the truth is that roulette offers the best gambling odds of most games of chance. Throw in the sign-up bonus, the free weekly promotions, contest and sweepstake, and as you play online roulette game your luck is already in!