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      1. Uncoiling slitting rolling production line -- Jiangsu zhongwei heavy industry machinery co., LTD.

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        Address : Haian county, jiangsu province development zone, 31 haiphong road
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        Product introduction
        Uncoiling slitting rolling production line
        The category :An open-book leveling slitting line
        Make no:4060008246
        Gauge:Detailed specification negotiable
        Type no:Detailed model negotiable
        The product price :negotiable
        Uncoiling slitting rolling production line

        T44 slitting article points the winding line performance and structure: (pictured above) 
             This equipment is made up of feeding the small car, pulling, feeding, disc blade slitting machine, damping preassigned materials, winding unit, such as unloading the car, the control system of production line, the main function is to wide metal roll along the length direction of shear into more than the required width of the strip. For rolling, cutting, cold bending forming, stamping processes such as the preparation of billet. By adjusting the distance of upper and lower knives shaft to adapt to the different thickness of the plate; Changing the blade in different baffle, spacer, cut to different strip width can be divided into.

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