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              Product catalog
                          Hydraulic press    
                          Shearing machine
                          Bending machine
                          Lapping machine
                          An open-book leve…
                          Street lamp power…
                          Laser cutting machine
                          Grooving machine
                          Press (hydraulic pr…
                          Edge milling machine
                          Profile bending mac…
                          System of pipeline
              Address : Haian county, jiangsu province development zone, 31 haiphong road
              The phone: 0513-88216522
              Fax: 0513-80260027
              The url: www.savjeti-hr.com
              Email: jszwjx@jszwjx.com
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              Contact address: 31 Coastal Road,Haian County
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              specializing in the production Hydraulic press Lapping machine Hydraulic press Shearing machine