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              Hydraulic press run time how to reduce the noise -- Jiangsu zhongwei heavy industry machinery co., LTD.

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              Hydraulic press run time how to reduce the noise
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              1, the hydraulic pump into the oil hydraulic press can be used in a vertical motor, pump adopts import and export of rubber hose, pump group set up under the shock absorber, pipe clamp is used in the pipeline, adopts the sound insulation and other measures to control the spread of the noise.
              2, choose low noise in the design of hydraulic press in the pump and components, reduce the revolutions of the pump.
              3, hydraulic punching machine can use overhead tank, improve the oil pump suction resistance, exclusion system of air, to extend the time of the turning of the valve, the filter, etc.
              Above is the jiangsu zhongwei heavy industry with all of you know how to reduce the noise of hydraulic presses runtime, hoping to bring help to you.

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