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    技术交流 -- 公司总部-- Jiangsu zhongwei heavy industry machinery co., LTD.

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    Technical communication

    Special CNC bending machine mold

    Many people have experienced such a situation: the user has repeatedly stressed the urgency of time, can be scheduled parts tomorrow. However, these parts must be used to CNC bending machine mould is neither a part of their own equipment, also can't buy ready-made. So what do you think of "custom mold"? In a short time, it can make you need customized mould company can provide all important: (TRUMPF), from the use of ToPs 600 offline programming TrumaBend bending machine, to the characteristic of the CNC bending machine mould system.

    Using a table with 4 -, 5 -, 6 - behind control shaft and a large number of mechanical option TrumaBend bending machine, can make almost any shape of bending parts.

    Whether 0.5 ~ 15 mm thick metal plates, stainless steel, structural steel, or the user specified material or alloy; Whether it's the smallest electronic components, or agricultural machinery bearing parts, all can use the correct bending mold production.

    Using a full set of standard bending mold, can achieve 90% of the operation, even if not standard mould processing, TRUMPF can also provide a quick and easy bending solution.

    To develop customized programs that could satisfy the requirement of user's special, TRUMPF needed was a sketch, sketch, and even a representative sample. During the period of close cooperation with users, how to make a long 100 mm prototype molds, to prove how the development of the functional sex of the solution, many test and trial and bent on TRUMPF showroom.

    Prototype mold can modify step by step, until you reach a predetermined bending effect. In the process of acceptance test, the user of a predetermined bending shape of error-free production results of recognition.

    Then you can order the required length of customized mould. From first contact to the custom CNC bending machine mould processing, generally only need a few days (because of the complexity of different).

    Clearly, the custom mold completely accords with the quality requirements of the standard mold, through without deformation of the laser hardening, surface hardness of 60 HRC.


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