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    How to choose and bending machine

    1. Bending machine domestic model is introduced:

    WC67Y series, WC67K series, WD67Y series, WE67K series.

    For example:

    WC67Y 100/4000

    W - bending machine code

    A workbench upward movement, this machine see more old-fashioned JinKouJi, its synchronicity is poorer, now in the market for rare.

    B parallel cylinder hydraulic synchronization, single-cylinder engine. With hinged connection. Now less for small tonnage bending machine.

    C torsional axis synchronous bending machine. Now widely used in the synchronous mechanism. The synchronization is good, can satisfy a small amount of partial load. Manufacturers to adopt this way now. There are two kinds of torsional axis synchronous machine, according to the stroke of the differentiated positioning way. A kind of for the oil cylinder built-in, a turbine worm positioning for independence, the configuration is higher, is a kind of new design, easy maintenance.

    D synchronous machine liquid, oil cylinder through mechanical transmission control input, so as to achieve two cylinder synchronization. More than 6 meters above bending machine used for processing width.

    E electro-hydraulic synchronization, through the grating ruler pass signals to a computer. The computer again after analysis to the electrohydraulic servo proportional valves, control the slider moves, the slider on the grating signal to compensate again, form a closed loop, the positioning accuracy is very high.

    K computer control. Divided into a variety of control system. The system economical numerical control, high precision numerical control. More economical nc for torsional axis synchronous bending machine, behind implementation and stroke adjustment of automatic control.

    Y hydraulic transmission.

    100 tonnage for bending machine.

    4000 for table length.

    (2) from the following several factors into consideration:

    Artifacts: the first is your production of the important items to consider the parts, the point is to buy a can finish machining task and workbench, the tonnage of the smallest shortest machine. Carefully consider the material brand and maximum thickness and length. If most of the work is the thickness of the gauge and the maximum length of 10 feet of low carbon steel, so free bending force not greater than 50 tons. However, if in a large number of bottom die forming, maybe a 150 tonnage of the machine tool should be considered. Assume that the thickest material is 1/4 ", 10 feet free bending need 165 tons, and a bottom die bending (calibration curve) will need at least 600 tons. If most of the workpiece is five feet or more shorter, tonnage almost in half, so as to greatly reduce the purchase cost.

    Scratching: would you consider this machine may be scratched. Under the same load, the workbench and the slider 10 feet's torsion is 5 feet machine 4 times. That is, the shorter the machines need less gasket adjustment, can produce qualified parts. Reduce the gasket adjustment and shorten the preparation time.

    Materials brand is also a key factor. Compared with the low carbon steel, stainless steel need to load usually increased by about 50%, while most of the brand of soft aluminum reduction 50%. You can get the machine from bending machine manufacturers of tons of meter, the table shows that under different thickness, different material per foot length required tonnage estimates.

    Parts of the bending radius: the free bending, bending radius of die opening distance of 0.156 times. In the process of bending, die opening distance should be 8 times the thickness of the metal material. If a similar small bending radius to the thickness of the material, shall be a bottom die forming. However, a bottom die forming the required pressure about four times larger than the free bending.

    If the bending radius is less than the thickness of the material, the front-end should be used in punch radius is smaller than the thickness of the material, and turn to stamping bending method. In this way, will need to be 10 times the free bending stress.

    In terms of free bending, convex die and concave die according to the 85 ° or less than 85 ° processing, using this set of mold, punch and die in the gap at the bottom of the stroke, and compensate the springback and keep the material around 90 ° of flexion.

    Usually, free bending die on a new bending machine of springback Angle 2 ° or less, bending radius equal to the die opening distance of 0.156 times.

    Bending for a bottom concave die, die Angle generally is 86 ~ 90 °. In the bottom of the stroke, intensive should have a slightly larger than the material thickness of the gap between. To improve the forming Angle, because a bottom die bending of large tonnage of bends (about 4 times), reduced the bending radius range usually cause the springback stress.

    Stamping bending with a bottom bending die are the same, just put the front end of the punch processing became the bending radius of the need, and intensive clearance is less than the thickness of the material at the bottom of the stroke. Due to exert enough pressure bends (about 10 times) force punch front contact material, basically to avoid the springback.

    In order to select the minimum tonnage specifications, the best is greater than the material thickness of the bend radius to plan, and as much as possible by using free bending. Bending radius is bigger, often do not affect the quality of the pieces and its use in the future.

    Accuracy, precision bending is a need careful consideration, it is this factor, determines the you need to consider a CNC bending machine or manual bending machine. If bending accuracy + 1 °, and cannot be changed, you must focus on CNC machine.

    CNC bending machine slider repeat accuracy is + / - 0.0004 inches, the forming precision of Angle that should be used in the precision and good mould. Manual bending machine slider repeat precision of + / - 0.002 inches, and under the condition of using appropriate mould generally produces the deviation of plus or minus 2 ~ 3 °. In addition, CNC bending machine to prepare for loading die quickly, when you need to bend, many small batch parts, this is a no doubt consider reason. Mold: even if you have a shelf full of mold, do not think that these molds is suitable for the new machine. You have to check every mould wear and tear, method is to measure the punch the front shoulder to shoulder length and the length between the.

    For conventional mold, deviation should be per foot around + / - 0.001 inches, the total length and deviation is not more than + / - 0.005 inches. As for fine grinding mould, per foot accuracy should be + / - 0.0004 inches, the total accuracy may not be greater than + / - 0.002 inches. The best grinding fine mould used for CNC bending machine, conventional mold for manual bending machine.

    Indeed, we often made only buy new bending machine and don't buy the right mold to match error.

    Assumptions along a 5 x 10 feet 10 - the gauge of low carbon steel plate bending 90 °, bending machine must be about 7.5 tons of pressure extra steel roof rise, while the operator must be geared up for the 280 - pound straight down. Make the parts may require several strong workers even a crane. Bending machine operator parts often need to bend, long edge, but don't realize how much of their work.

    Now there is a retainer device suitable for the workshop engaged in this work, the device can be modified according to the needs of new and old machine. Using the device. Only one operator forming long side parts.


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